Northwest Swiss is currently compliant with ISO 9001:2002 and AS9100. We are looking forward to certification in both standards in the first half of 2012!

Northwest Swiss's focus on quality has never been more intense. We have developed our own path of improvement built around an ongoing program of self-assessment. We evaluate and respond to:

(1) Customer's satisfaction

(2) Information and analysis

(3) Strategic quality planning

(4) Manufacturing quality and results

We believe every customer is important. We are totally committed to the belief and practice of this, resulting in unexcelled quality parts and products which meet our customers' requirements. If you need Screw Machined Parts, settling for less than perfect fit parts can cause problems. To prevent these problems, Northwest Swiss provides exceptional capabilities for producing perfect fit parts to your specifications. Strict roundness and concentricity can be maintained into the millionths when needed.

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